Plastic Scribbler 3D Printer Supplies (3D printer filament)

Our newest product addition asterid prints in many types of plastic, including ABS and PLA.

Not only does Plastic Scribbler offer professional 3D printers at $499, but our 3D printer supplies are some of the lowest in the industry.  Our 3D printing filament start at just $49 dollars per 1kg reels. 

3D Printing Filament is available in these materials:


  • Standard ABS colors: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Glow in the Dark, and Clear.
  • Standard PLA colors: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Glow in the Dark, and Clear.
  • Filament we supply is NON-Proprietary Filament
  • Available sizes are: 1.75-1.8mm
  • Standard packaging: 1kg reels
  • Custom packaging methods are available upon request.
  • Each box contains the same material, size and color.
  • Tolerances: +0.000” / -0.006” for ABS
  • Tolerances: +0.000” / -0.010” for PLA
  • All filaments are vacuumed sealed.

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