We started the year off with just two 3D printer models and have since launched a third model, the Asterid 1100.  But the year isn't at a close yet.  We have in the works multiple Hadron 3D printer models plus a dual extrusion option!  

Through careful analysis of our manufacturing process and excellent scheduling, in 2014 we shortened our lead time from 4-6 weeks to our current lead time of 1-2 weeks.  We've also successfully tested Nylon filament using standard weed wacker line and one of our customers is using nylon 618 grade 3d printer filament with our Asterid series 3D printers.  In addition, we updated our installation CD to be much more user friendly and now creates links in your start menu automatically.   

Our manufacturing team has been working diligently to bring our customers the best 3D printer possible.  They have redesigned the Y-axis carriage for greater stability and strength.  They have also strengthened all the motor mounts and the Y-axis idler pulley mount.  The Y-axis and Z-axis limit switch mounts are now designed to prevent rotation.  This prevents the limit switches from knocking out of position and in turn keeps the machine in calibration.  

Our logistics staff has fined tuned the printer packaging to make it both easier to unpack and ensure your package arrives unscathed.  We also reduced our shipping costs and passed the savings onto our customers. 

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