Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of plastic can I print with my Plastic Scribbler 3D printer?

We sell multiple colors of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) filament that can be successfully used with your Plastic Scribbler 3D printer.  We are also working on officially supporting PLA (polylactide), HIPS (High impact polystyrene), PC (Polycarbonate), and nylon. 

What do I need to run my Plastic Scribbler 3D printer?

You will need either a Microsoft Windows compatible computer with a USB port and cable or the optional LCD smart controller which allows for computer free prints.   You can also use Linux or a Mac, however, it is not officially supported by Plastic Scribbler at this time.

What type of 3D printers do you guys have?

Our printers utilize Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).  Click here for more information. 

Do you ship internationally and if so, who is resoponsible for import taxes?

Yes, we do ship internationally.  The customer is responsible for all import taxes, duties, and other related fees.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing, known as additive manufacturing, is the process by which a three-dimensional product is produced from a digital model.

What type of files do your printers print?

Are printers use stereolithography files to print.  Stereolithography (.STL files) is a format native to computer aided design or CAD.  These types of files are used by programs called slicers to convert the solid model into G-code which in turn is interpreted by the printer to print the model in 3D.  Almost all commercial and open source CAD programs can convert your 3D models into .STL files.  

Who could use a 3D printer?

Plastic Scribbler makes it easy for anyone to use a 3D printer with our ready to print out-of-the box 3D printers.  Artists, engineers, R&D specialists and toy train modellers are all currently using 3D printing to help them create new work and so can you!

I just ordered an Asterid printer. When will my order be shipped?

All of our printers are hand crafted.  Construction of your printer will be begin as soon as you place your order at our assembly plant in northern Georgia, USA.  We will work diligently to have your printer shipped to you as soon as possible.

Does my Plastic Scribbler printer come with a warranty?

All our 3D printer models come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  We are so convinced that you'll be 100% satisfied with our printers that we back them with a 30 day money back guarantee. If by any chance you are not 100% satisfied you may send us back your 3D printer for a full refund.  Please note that our company policy does not include reimbursement for postal expenses incurred with the return of the merchandise to our returns processing facility.

Is there any assembly required?

No.  All our printers come fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.  We also provide full documentation with all our printers that will help guide you to making your first prints. 

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